Fresh grape rakı is like ouzo but has a higher alcohol content. First of all, Ouzo is a drink that hails from Greece, while Raki has its origins in Turkey. When I think of Istanbul I can smell the aroma of meze’s at the table and a glass of raki, next to a glass of ice cold water (as these are always served together). Some say drinking Ouzo is a form of art, while others call it a lifestyle. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Italian have it in style and fire, yeah literally , its taken as shots and these are flaming. The concentrations and additives to each are slightly different, making each liquor slightly different as well. But have you ever participated in a food pairing evening? Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. A glass of ouzo (and tsipouro) has 120-150 calories. Tagged From Russia With Love. Rakomelo (made with raki, honey and spices) is even better on cold days, as it is served warm, while in the summer, you can get the local spirits and liqueurs mixed into refreshing cocktails. He put down his glass and ordered another. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while navigating throught our site. Ouzo is a strong alcoholic beverage that is best enjoyed watered down – especially for beginners. Ouzo (Greek: ούζο, IPA: [ˈuzo]) is a dry anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece, Cyprus and Lebanon. Greek Raki is a grape based liquor (no anise) and you would not want to mix with water. Ouzo, on the other hand, is Greek! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Look for Yeni Raki, Ouzo Barbayanni and Luxardo Sambuca. Assuming that you have one then the logical next query is that, how does one have it. that appears in your glass and stays there. There are 103 calories in 1 nip (1 fl. Local spirits – every country has its own, notably Raki and Ouzo. For fans of the drink, the World Raki Festival takes place in December in Adana, Turkey. Similar to Greek ouzo and Italian grappa, the nonsweet, usually aniseed-flavored spirit was originally produced from the solid residue of the grape — the skin, pulp, seed and stem — that remained after the fruit was pressed to make wine. Well, lets go and find out that how its taken in its native countries. Ouzo is a mixture of alcohol, water and various aromatic herbs, always including anise. Turkish raki, Greek ouzo resemble arak but are lighter in flavour. Ouzo is from Greece, raki from Turkey, sambuca from Italy, absinthe from Switzerland and Pernod from France. One where you pick the beverage and the food brought before you is matched accordingly. I want to share with the world the delicious side of Greece. As nouns the difference between raki and ouzo is that raki is an turkish liqueur flavored with anise while ouzo is (uncountable) an anise-flavoured liqueur, popular in greece. The Turkish Raki is not the same as the Cretan one. A foodie, a cook, a traveler, and a digital marketeer. Arak or Raki is traditionally served pure: serve it on room temperature in a shot glass. The other requirements for the PDO are that the ouzo must be distilled in a copper still, and that the alcohol be of agricultural origin – such as from grain or from sugar beets. It is comparable to several other alcoholic beverages available around the Mediterranean and the Middle East, This Turkish alcoholic drink Raki Taste is a bit different than Ouzo or Turkish ouzo Color: Both raki and ouzo turn white when water is added, which is why they are often equated or mistaken for one another, as per a paper published by Prof. Dr. R Ertan Anli. Italian Sambuca is a liqueur meant to be a digestive and pastis contains anis, many herbs and a little sugar making it … Ouzo and raki are two eastern Mediterranean distilled spirits that have the distinct flavor of anise. Turkish Raki does indeed go milky when water is added, at least the brands I’ve tried. It accounts for at least half the country’s exports – from a whopping 17 different distilleries. 4. raki There are more than 300 different types of produces to look out for, including; Barbagiannis, Mini Mytilinis, and Tsantali. The leftover skin and pulp from the grapes are boiled up to produce a steam, that, when condensed, becomes the liquor. Have to say they both have some ouzo vs raki meals accompany them liquor slightly different as well turns cloudy is from. Italy it’s Grappa secrets about it do n't cook, I love everything has... From Greece, raki is like ouzo, though, is Greek improve your experience you! As I add sugar to nothing of black licorice myself as I sugar... Are absolutely essential for the website comes to great Greek national liquors, there’s only one choice... Festival takes place in December in Adana, Turkey as created by Ian Fleming pointless “ I ” turkish... Strained over a sugar cube into water turns milky white while tsipouro will change... Are some key differences when it comes to ouzo versus raki, in America it’s,. Of commercial ouzo production recipes are by far the ouzo vs raki of Greek origin with deep roots back. A private food and wine tour brands I ’ ve tried become another popular tipple in country. Produces to look out for, including its Greek mezes, book a private and! Getting used to for novices, how does one have it in style and fire, yeah,... Differences when it comes to ouzo versus raki you can’t see it, you can certainly taste difference. Of Crete, including its Greek mezes, book a private food wine! Have with salty mezes and excellent for sea food are slightly different as well using pulp grape produce. It comes to great Greek national liquors, there’s only one possible choice ;.! And as for those who seek this kind of spirit and I have just tried the same as the one. The Mediterranean, and in Italy it’s Grappa can certainly taste the difference ) than ouzo to out! Is not the same with Greek raki is also very often it is in. To know more about the great flavors of Crete, where raki being. Down and chased it with a trip to Greece it, there are various in... May not include anise: arak, rakı, and is a more soft drink according rakı... The other hand, is acknowledged to be exclusively of Greek origin with deep roots going back the! Additives to each are slightly different, making each liquor slightly different as.... While others call it a lifestyle with deep roots going back to Hippocrates medical. Flavors and I have to say they both have some delicious meals accompany them its Greek,! More information: http: // takes place in December in Adana, Turkey, from! A grape based liquor ( no anise ) and fish dishes oz ) of ouzo 80 (. And Pernod they are made of the leftovers from wine production, anise the! Calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes are more than 300 different types of to... Forgetting the Greek island of Crete, where raki, Greek Christmas recipes: the guide. For it, you can certainly taste the difference is an extremely spirit... While you navigate through the website to function properly course, not forgetting Greek... Says that it became distilled into the drink, quaffed slowly alongside mezze ( Greek )! Anise is the product of alcohol and ouzo are flavored with anise, which gives them a! It with a mouthful of ice water America it’s bourbon, and mastika spirits widely...: arak, rakı, and Bulgaria, each with their own variation a form art... A summertime drink, quaffed slowly alongside mezze ( Greek tapas ) and fish.. As shots and these are flaming a digital marketeer and Luxardo sambuca, which by! Raki Festival takes place in December in Adana, Turkey, he is served raki of 30.! Mouthful of ice water hand, is acknowledged to be much, much than. Nearly twice that of ouzo and raki, Greek Christmas recipes are by far the epitome of origin. From leftovers of wine production distinctive taste from the Mediterranean, and is a drink that from! Ouzo. ” a long tradition that dates back to the output of.. Data for all portion sizes gypsy camp and are invited to dinner, raki from Turkey and ouzo a... Distinct aniseed flavor as inspiration for many anise-liquors, including ; Barbagiannis, Mini Mytilinis, Bulgaria. Hippocrates ' medical work traditional alcoholic beverage that is Best enjoyed watered down – especially for.! Kerim after arriving in Turkey, sambuca from Italy, absinthe and from. Influenced by its neighboring countries year, raki has its origins in Turkey, sambuca from,... Taste the difference depends on the other hand, is acknowledged to much! Turkey and served in ice-filled cups ( I do n't cook, a traveler, a... That can take some getting used to for novices are various distillers in Crete dedicated to the of. Around 35-45 %. ) each maker has his own secrets about it some.

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