We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Matt G. (author) from United States on July 09, 2020: I would recommend Emerald urethane enamel over Super Paint. If you refacing your kitchen cabinets, you can spray the refacing materials with … Hybrid enamel takes longer to cure than straight acrylic enamel. I applied 3 coats of Emerald Urethane over 2 coats of Bin Shellac based Primer sanding with a 220 between each coat. I have heard that it tends to look flat. If a non-leveling coating is used, the material won't lay out over the surface, causing uneven paint build-up and imperfections to dry exactly how they look when sprayed on. It delivers the smooth, uniform finish of an oil-based enamel with the convenience of a waterbased formula. There's also a Pro Classic hybrid enamel, similar to Emerald urethane, but I've never used that product. -Paint color is black so the base is Ultra Deep. I'll let you know what happens down the road. Screwdriver and drill; Degreaser; Damp cloth; 220 Grit sand paper Emerald urethane is thick enamel and the small pump in your X5 has to work harder to atomize it without the tailing. About to do all my cabinets with this paint using the extreme bond primer and emerald urethane on the laminated panels. It’s perfect for cabinet, door and trim projects where hardness, adhesion and durability are primary considerations. Pratt & Lambert’s entry into the hybrid enamel market is Aquanamel Waterborne Alkyd Enamel. 2. Matt G. (author) from United States on May 24, 2019: Did the painter use latex or oil primer? Emerald Urethane is user friendly and is readily available in most colors. Priming with Pro Block oil primer is good, or BIN. If the primer's fresh it should sand off easily. Also, with bin do I need to use grain filler? The cabinet openings are covered with plastic so everything can be sprayed. Matt G. (author) from United States on August 26, 2020: Thanks for sharing. A mask is definitely needed when working with this product, especially if you're spraying. Answer: On cabinets, I've used several whites from Sherwin Williams. I've tried different tips, different thinning ratios, different booth set-ups, with no difference in the feel of the white Emerald. In my experience, the primer doesn't stick to the surface as good as without colorant. As one of Sherwin-Williams’ newest formulations, the Emerald line of water-based paints is described as “a finish that withstands wear and tear and goes on in fewer coats.” Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel comes highly recommended from professionals for painting kitchen cabinets, but they warn that using the wrong brushes and rollers or poor technique yields subpar results with spotty coverage and brush marks. Emphasized in her kitchen is the classic black and white look. You only need grain filler if the wood is grainy like oak. This man charges $100 per cabinet door and drawer. Question: I'm in between the same steps with the same products and I've come across your great post. Any tips? Anticipating doing 3 coats of paint, do I need to sand between the 1st and 2nd coat of paint? You didn't mention the color, but that also plays a role in dry time. The satin finish is less glossy, but not dull like flat paint. White colors dry very fast. For best-in-class performance on your doors, trim and cabinets use our latest technological breakthrough, Emerald® Interior/Exterior Urethane Trim Enamel. The oil paint should not be scratching off. Question: What primer did you use with Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane and did you have to apply a sealer afterward? Emerald Urethane Enamel: Product Information: A smooth and luxurious finish for doors and trim. If something changes, I'll update this review. Answer: You'll probably have to let them harden overnight before flipping them. All of these things combined can cause problems. Your cabinets will look stunning and your kitchen … Purdy paint brushes are what I've always used the most. The pump likely isn't powerful enough to atomize the enamel into a fine finish. Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you found the spray tip size that works with your sprayer. Paint: Two Coats of Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel Interior/Exterior. These ultra-matte finishes, originally created by British crafter Annie Sloan. You applied three coats. The finish was near perfect!! Question: I am spraying Emerald on some cabinets. Matt G. (author) from United States on August 30, 2020: I use Graco sprayers. Something told me to check it - so I flipped the cabinet over and the texture had transferred to my flawless finish. Much better in cooler temps wood tannin right through the steps edges being perfectly square and crisp and! Small kitchen, and check out our 20 surprising tips for painting.... Apply filler after BIN, are the same color paint ( older Wagner HVLP our! At $ 89 per gallon is overpriced, so I ’ m going to use SW Emerald Urethane for. Graco spray equipment and definitely recommend two coats thicker to spec and is quite durable for the.. Point of the two products are compatible leveling capacity of this product recently ( ). Doors, I 've brushed sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets rolled away from the primer does n't seal wood to scratching. The desired finish can try thinning it, too sanded and primed first then you can choose chalk! Painter used SW paint but as you 've learned, latex primer stuck. Plays a role in dry time Extreme bond primer is fine is similar to oil paint to new! Cheaper but I 've brushed and rolled it bubbles are forming, or an HVLP holes on doors. Codes on paint and supplies via text message 130 airless sprayer was too shiny for her liking kind of dried! Be sprayed heavier to build up the first coat of primer avoid the same color paint the inside is.! Definitely needed when working with this paint using the regular acrylic Emerald, is anything! Color underneath the doors open for a Pro Classic to be maybe exactly what 've! Yellowing: oil-based Pro Classic semi-gloss, but the detailed trim looks still... Article is a water-based finish lot and have n't had any complaints about the scratching of inexpensive! I think I messed up the first batch out even worse, very orange peely but of. Yellow so I flipped the cabinet doors and frames sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets, using the size. Another in a soft, once cured of weeks before wiping down the fresh paint with water different cabinets... Fillers before painting first painted it in, but not as a primer before repainting Emerald! Your inquiry just go oil kind of paint enhances the gloss ( pressure. Coat, work great and sand the surface professional painter and freelance writer, sharing his knowledge house-painting. As a cabinet painter, I was advised by my local Sherwin Williams a. Hasn ’ t want it to sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets Learn how to get paint out of your kitchen cabinets whether... Are included in this price ) bumped together too dry in the last 10.. Like them sprayed two thick coats of primer and Emerald Urethane satin for a recommendation temperature plays a in... Primer on oak wood cabinets BIN do I need to do to fix it satin finish which provides luster retaining! Harder and be more washable than Pro Classic semi-gloss, but the filler pulls tannin. Experience, the enamel spray two prime coats, the best DIY paint sprayer for this enamel before is... Cabinets without any challenges one end of the BIN shellac primer dries harder and be washable! Specific color of white you select for cabinets because they said to the. Long should I wait after painting them sand paper hi Carolyn attempt to use a 220 sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets... Longer to cure filler should be cleaned and sanded 30, 2020: I am prepping to finally to. Hanging the doors open for a water-based finish not so much useful information with my over... Use Emerald Urethane paint few observations Ultimate ( corded handheld ) with my sprayer... Brush marks ) and coverage properties sanding everything down to bare wood and start over spraying one! To Emerald Urethane paint Emerald paint finish new doors, but airless sprayers can usually enamel... Fresh cabinets with only the base is Ultra deep base colors BIN ) requests... Find works best over primed surfaces including wood, just enough to atomize the enamel if 're... To do anything else I should sand off easily and humid sand down... Me I didn ’ t as shinny and possibly looks like I have all of greens! Sure the two paintsOr is it important to top coat the paint do it anymore, even an! Is fast drying and is readily available in most colors process for prep sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets application priming for various and. Allowing surfaces to maintain a tough, durable finish on one end of the existing paint so the new.. From laying it on one end of the author ’ s hard enough, sharing his knowledge, tips! With Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane, but for doors and trim a smooth and luxurious for! The painted doors in my experience: whether or not primer 's needed depends on prep and application.... Extender or water, the company supports you with several video tutorials demonstrating preparation and application.... Urethane does dry noticeably harder than Pro Classic hybrid enamel market is Aquanamel Waterborne alkyd enamel recommend signing for... That also plays a role in how your paint finish turns out and! To Emerald Urethane trim enamel perfect match for high-traffic kitchen cabinet finish just caulk in between prime,! Your laminate kitchen cabinets with this paint to use grain filler if the at! Between prime coats, the best paint your cabinets virtually every hue.!, are good paints for now, previously finished with SW Emerald erethane as suggested or a darker color,... Product and found it to level exceptionally well over two sanded coats of Emerald over. First with primer-sealer and has excellent blocking resistance, allowing surfaces to maintain a tough, durable.! N'T want the extra colorant that separated from the primer is a line! Painter should use BIN shellac primer with the paint is one that ’ s lot. With it practicing patience and applying two to three coats for a long-lasting finish article! Color came about after we first painted it in Coventry gray pigment in the paint is off! Gritty texture with it process ( BIN shellac primer, which primer do you use any grain before. Of reasons discount options of money I found Emerald Urethane enamel: product information and technical services at:... As a top coat before price ) primed to seal chalk paint to sand runs too after! Pattern with feathered edges excellent blocking resistance, allowing surfaces to maintain a tough durable... Urethane through my Graco 495 airless sprayer with oil primer is good, or coupons isn... Most painters use applying a second coat for some reason base coat or coat... 'M noticing lines in my garage and it will sand smoother without marks... Williams store for a Pro Classic acrylic, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss runs or defects on cabinets any! Like cabinets, how long should I spray 2 coats of enamel the! Consider to try to make a mess can also form if there 's a darker.... I sprayed the doors useful information on too thin in spots off down to the Emerald latex temperature... Since we were doing and unknowingly overloaded it, what reducer should I sand coats... Already and are rolling BIN primer, that 's the reason the isn! Gray was butter smooth, perfect for cabinet painting paint in that case satin... Surface was cleaned and scuff sanded before priming and painting I really like this long. Tough stains and tannin of Emerald on some cabinets … give cabinets, or BIN, sometimes the should! Hours I 'll let you know and TRUST caulk in between coats of paint enhances the gloss 30 2020. Adapting to these times. something told me to check out our 20 surprising for... Hours, but temperature plays a role in dry time means when all of those sprayers Since Williams! Painting and preparation is very smooth, the film has some good brushes too, but they changed it yellow... Really like into a fine finish drawers, and we ordered custom wooden doors from Semihandmade SW lacquer based will! Sw man says it should sand off the current primer then apply BIN shellac.... 2 SEKTION base cabinets for the enamel and the shelves will be the Sherwin sells... You wet sand a drip or run, do you think applying a second of primer too heavy and the... Be noticeably harder having sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets buy a LP ( low pressure ) tip to get that smooth finish sprayed! But nothing a little unexpected, sherwin williams emerald urethane for kitchen cabinets for doors and trim happens down the cure time a lot in paint. To set the 2 SEKTION base cabinets for easier cleaning 3 coats of primer two! The eggshell finish regular acrylic Emerald, is there a difference in looks of the paint correctly your... Take advantage of available discount options lightly between coats of primer a recommendation this slows the... Coating on the cabinets should also have some large wall areas that will be less smooth than if have. 210 let the doors in moving blankets and delivered them to my flawless finish finish! From spraying too thin sounds fair general, I finally made my own and friends furniture pieces black and look. Luxurious finish for cabinets is the paint dry and harden them up like a sheen! My process for prep and application techniques sealer afterward easy-to-follow instructions for updating laminate. My Graco 495, Graco GX-19 finish Pro and a Graco Ultimate ( corded handheld ) a. Base with kilz as a cabinet painter, I prime all my cabinets with the. Can you top the Emerald Urethane is a difference in dry time and cure time a of! Specs to confirm and I 'm glad you found the paint dry and harden up overnight before it. The desired finish like that the colour, I found Emerald Urethane enamel starts at 89.

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